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The Bassist

hey everybody out there. im dave and i play bass in juggernaught.
ive been playing bass for about two years now and i just started taking guitar. i took piano for about a year in 1st or 2nd grade and clarinet from 3rd-6th. ive played f horn for abot 3 years now. so i have a wide variety of musical experience.
im into prog rock, metal, and old rock. i hate poser metal (ie slipknot), sellout punk (ie sum 41), and other shit like that. bands i like include, dream theater, metallica, megadeth, zeppelin, sabbath, zappa, hendrix, jelly jam, liquid tension experiment, raising the mammoth, blue oyster cult, yes, ozzy, sepultura, cooper, nirvana, rhcp, rush, queen, ramones, queen, pearl jam, pantera, and some other ones...
my favorite bassists are myung, wooten, burton, ellefson, geddy, geezer, redding, flea, and claypool. myung being my favorite (dream theater).
i might update this site from time to time so check back. my email's
AIM - dvd214321