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"Closing out the festival was the youngest group of the night, Unbounded Sky. This band created quite a buzz before their performance and with some of the best songwriting of the last 20 years, these young musicians have the potential to go very far! Everyone was amazed by their show."

-Wade Summerlin, Genterine Records

"Unbounded Sky: Call this a diamond in the rough, a three-piece (keyboards, drums and guitar, no bassist though). It was somewhat Canterburyish with a bit of a harder edge, particularly liked the keyboard sounds (even had a real Rhodes!) and occasional lead vocals from a guest vocalist I'm assuming. very tight playing, some pretty nice writing too. Definitely would like to hear more from these guys as time goes on."

-Phil McKenna, The Owl Watches

"Unbounded Sky was the biggest wonderful surprise of the festival for me! As they set up, I first noticed the Kurzweil... then the Moog...then the Triton, then the Full Electric Piano... The Keyboard player is a virtual Rick Wakeman in the making my friends! His name is Bill Graham - but my wife keeps calling him keyboard genius guy! ;-)

This was a wonderful set of songs from three 16 year old prog rockers intermittently joined by an "over 21" guy to sing a chorus or two. I'd say 80% of the show was instrumental with just the three members onstage. Bill handled the bass parts *and* the lead keys and atmospheric key parts. Min Wang played mostly electric guitar, augmented by perfectly placed moments of acoustic guitar bliss - not unlike Yes has been known to do from time to time! Rob Duncan both played and banged the drums depending upon the mood and need of the song being peformed! Admittedly, each band member had high points and shaky moments, but there were many more highs than lows! It was such an emotionally *true* performance. I got that feeling that *anything* could happen musically - and that made it all the more exciting when magical and wondrous things *did* happen."

Mark Stephens,